Girls Pit Stop, change wheel at a race car – KRAFTWERK quality tools

Veröffentlicht: 16. November 2013 in Event, Motorsport, Video
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Girls Pitstop – wheel change at a real race car at the auto zuerich car show! They did not the fastest time – but watch the video, they also could do much longer 🙂

Kraftwerk is a manufacturer of high quality tools for professional and industrial use. The company exists since more than 30 years in sells it´s products all over europe. At the auto zuerich car show they presented their realy innovative tools and some race cars. Kraftwerk is a big sponsor/partner of some racing teams. Yaco Racing in the ADAC GT Masters, Team Hard in the BTCC (MSE British Touring Car Championship), Zemp Racing in the German Tourenwagen Cup GTWC and Team HPS Technik in the Schweizer Rallye Meisterschaft (Suisse Rallye Championship). And they had some really hot girls around their cars – so we could not pass by without taking some videos with them.

more Pictures:
KRAFTWERK - Racing Girls
KRAFTWERK - Racing Girls

Take a look at KRAFTWERK quality tools and what they really offer. It´s very interesting for everybody working in the industry or e.g. a garage.
Kraftwerk Homepage:
Thanks to the 3 Babes for this Video and also to the Company for the permission to publish the clip!

Video: Auto Zürich Car Show 2013
Kamera/Cutting: Rod Meier,

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